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Silent and still

Waiting upon

A burning desire

Above and through

The mystical


Canyon walls

He comes

His pristine white head

And mighty wings

Shimmer in the rays

Of light

He soars

He twirls

He free falls

And back again

As the wind carries

Riding free

Majestic and bold

He calls to me

Soaring above

The circle of fire

Beginning to dance

His mighty wing

Brushes thy face

As I dance around

The crackling fire

In rhythmic time

As the subtle


Of Sage, Sweetgrass and cedar


He then disappeared

Into the sun

As I became apart

Of the

Eagle’s dance

awe, Inspiration, Journey, Medicine Wisdom, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Native American Spirituality, Nature, Omens, Signs, and Totems, Paths, Poetry, Poets, Regeneration, Renewal, Soul Searching, Vision Quest, Voice of nature, Wisdom, Words and Verses



In meditative sacredness

She sits in awe

Wild sage,

Cedar and sweet grass softly burn

Surrounding her

Within its fragrance

Enveloping her in a shroud of protection

The rattle sounds


The entrance of spirit guides

The four directions merge as one

Honoring the Great Creator and Mother Earth

As the drums beat in rhythmic time

She enters the verdant forest

A majestic stag

Stands before her

Together they run through the forest

Unencumbered and free

Into the open wilderness

The Stag’s energy, strength and majestic grace

Fills her being with every beat upon the earth

Perched high upon a treetop


Upon Mother Earth

A glorious eagle

Its head as white as newly fallen snow

Its dark brown feathers shimmer

Within the rays of light

Stilling her in reverie

So beautiful!

So captivating!

She asks within her heart

To become one with the eagle

And to soar

In the midst of love and light

The eagle


Her request

And she was

Forever changed

awe, Celtic Lore, dream vision, Fall Leaves, Inspiration, Journey, Lore, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Nature, Omens, Signs, and Totems, Owls, Paths, Philosophy, Poetry, Poets, Quest, Soul Searching, Twilight, Vision Quest, Voice of nature, Wisdom, Words and Verses


Within the birches

Under the moon’s

Silver lore

She walks


Between the trees

Her cloak gently

Dances within the shadows

The elusive twilighter


Within the trees

Of earthy hues

Hidden from view

All is still

Within the lore

As she walks


Her path

Past and present

Guiding her forward

Under the silver rays

Of the moon’s lore

With the hums of the night

As her companion

Autumn, awe, Believe, Dreams, faith, Inspiration, Lore, Medicine Wisdom, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Native American Spirituality, Nature, Omens, Signs, and Totems, Owls, Paths, Philosophy, Poetry, Poets, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Seasons of Change, Vision Quest, Voice of nature, Wisdom, Words and Verses


Gazing out

Upon the

Descending night

An orange moon

Glowing between

The trees

As it rises


Within the lore

Of the Celtic night

Soon the earth

Will become a pallet

Of rustic hues

Oranges, reds and yellows

Cold nights will become

Warmed by fire’s glow

Enchanting the charm

Of autumn’s cloak

Connections awaken

Within her being

As the path rises

Within the moon

The visionary

Of new beginnings

Sits silently

Upon the branch

Of a white birch

Watching and

Awaiting her birth

awe, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Medicine Wisdom, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Native American Spirituality, Nature, Philosophy, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Spirit and Soul, Vision Quest, Voice of nature



There is a place

Where you are not judged

Where you are always welcomed

Where someone always listens

Where you can play like

A child without rebuke

Where company is plentiful

Or if you prefer solitary reverie

Where mountains are endless

For climbing and exploring with wonderment

Where you can wander

Through adoring meadows, vibrant wild flowers,

Tall grasses and meandering valleys

Where you can rest by babbling brooks, running rivers, or serene lakes

Where majestic eagles

And valiant hawks

Soar and dance within the blue canvas

Where trees dressed in many hues wave hello

Where troubadours

Nestled within the trees


Where the whispering wind soothes

Where endless wonders simply exist

Where you can meditate and become one

Where ancient wisdom and knowledge can be sought

By watching, listening, hearing, touching and smelling the spirit of the wilderness

Nature in all her Glory and Grace

Nestled within the light of the world

Is where the path to the true self begins……….

awe, eagles, Healing, Inspiration, Journey, Medicine Wisdom, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Native American Spirituality, Nature, Omens, Signs, and Totems, Owls, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Spirit and Soul, Vision Quest, Voice of nature


Upon a chestnut stallion

Glowing in the rays

Across the plains

They ride

His mane and her long brown hair

Flow freely in the wind

She is alive!

Upon her chestnut stallion


Runs through her veins

Refreshing air

Soothes her

She is alive!

The hawk and the eagle

Call to her

Carrying her

Dreams and prayers

To the realm of

Divine grace and beauty


She is alive!

By the water’s edge

Gazing upon the


Untamed melodies

Echo within her

As her chestnut stallion


For the journey

Visions of days past

Whispers of white smoke

Rise from distant times

Charm her

Sweetgrass, cedar and wild sage

Flutter around her being

Cleansing and comforting

She is alive!

Her chestnut stallion

Carries her deeper into

The expanse

Dancing prairie grasses

The hawk and the eagle

Her guides

Trotting along the

Canyon’s edge

She gazes

As dusk comes

Luminous hues

Red, orange and purple

A glow before her

Shadows of hawks and eagles


Upon the walls

Of the canyon

Imprints of time

Slowly they glide along

In wide wonderment

Taking refuge

Along the majestic

Creation not made by man

Before them

She is alive!

She builds a fire

Focusing her gaze

Mesmerized by its beauty

As the stars glitter like diamonds

Within the indigo sky

The fire crackles

And warms

As the cold of night descends

Covering her horse

With its cozy blanket

They rest

But keep vigil

She is alive!

She rises

In dawn’s delight

To the call of the hawk

Soaring above

Along with her beloved eagle

For she is the

Master of her own destiny

Her freedom

Her independence

Her humble life

She is alive!

Upon her chestnut stallion

They are ready

Together they fly onward

Across the plains

Mountains aglow

Before her

Lakes, rivers, brooks and streams


A vision of blue and white hues

So pristine like crystal

Verdant hues of green

She is alive!

The stillness

Of the lakes

The babbling brooks and streams

The rushing rivers

Green hues

Encased in light

Astound her

Quench and soothe her spirit

She is alive!

Together they ride

In rhythmic time

Noticing every

Array of wonderment

She is alive!

The Master of

Her own destiny

Her peace

And happiness

Days and nights

Meander by

She is alive!

Then behold

Sierra red rock


Enshrine her

Upon the path

Inlaid with pools

Brilliant blue

Cascades of sparkling white water

The hawk and the eagle

Circle is wonder

Above her

She is awestruck!

She is alive!

Her chestnut stallion



What his eyes behold


A most humble vision

His copper skin

Illuminated by rays of sultry light

His long black shiny hair

Blowing gently in the breeze

Upon his head an eagle feather

His beaded buckskin leggings pristine

Like his moccasins

Holding his peace pipe

With gentle sacredness

She and her chestnut stallion


By the crackling fire

They sit

While her chestnut stallion

Restores in the moonlight

He shares stories

Of nourishment with her

Under the glowing stars

He bestows her

With bundles of

Wild Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass

A soothing stone of turquoise

For it is a Master healing stone

Wrapping his pipe

With sacredness

He places it before her

With grace and humility

She thanks him


He disappears

From her vision


In the stillness of reverie

By the crackling fire

She waits

In dawn’s light

She is alone

With her chestnut stallion

And the gifts

Upon the blanket

The hawk and the eagle


Signaling a new dawn

She gathers

Her gifts and the blanket

Upon her chestnut stallion

With the hawk and the eagle

They are ready

Onward they go

Into a new adventure

And a new journey

For her