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Slips away

Getting lost

In the heartbeats

Of the rhythms


That inspire

The rifts that soar

Harmonies and melodies

Dancing in unison

Like an aromatic blend

Lifting you into bliss

Stealing through the


Crossing the barriers

Of time

Lost in the intoxicating


Where happiness dwells

Where stress is released

With the passing day

Where joy is found

Where the sweet spots

Dwell within the heartbeats

Of the rhythms

Within the rifts that soar

With the harmonies

And melodies

Dancing in unison

Like an aroma filled elixir

Stealing through

The passages

Crossing the barriers

Of time

As everything

Falls away

And I am

Alone with

The muses of music

As they carry away


And ignite playfulness

To a restless

And sometimes

Thunderous soul

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With the rhythm


Waiting for a tune

To emerge


With the rhythm

Under the

Brilliant moon


Waiting for a tune

To emerge



Upon thy guitar

So blue

Like a summer’s sky

Waiting for a tune

To emerge

That captures

The essence

Of your wonder

Your beauty

And the blessings

Of you



Until I

Find you

Dancing within the rhythm

Of the strumming

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ODE TO S.P. (Soaring Tenor)


In silent stillness

She waited

For the instrument

To play within her

For the words

To fall into verse

And onto the pages

Although her instrument played

She could not hear

Its sweet voice

That had once

Overwhelmed her heart

In youth

As her pen scrolled across the pages

Yielding many joyous rewards

But then

All fell silent


Once again

Years later

The instrument began to play

And the child of nature


As the words and verses

Began flooding the pages of her journal

But it did not last

Ensnared by the webs of life

She could no longer

Find her passion

Even though

She heard its echoes

Faintly calling her

To dance and to sing

With the words and the verses

But she could not answer

Neglecting her gift

And retreating from it

Giving up on her passion


A few years later

Something happened

Unbeknownst to her

The soaring tenor

From her youth


And entered her heart

With his instrument of perfection and grace

That had once captivated

A teenage poetess

Within stillness

Within awe

Within delight

Every time his voice

Resounded across the airwaves

As he sang

She felt every note

Of his emotionally

Filled songs

Which by serendipity

Nurtured her poetic muse

Once again

The soaring tenor

Began gracing her heart

With every note

With every word

She heard

Across the airwaves of time

With joy

She listened to

Wheels in the sky



Open Arms

Send her my love

And so many others

That will forevermore

Be woven into the

Tapestry of the poetess

The soaring tenor

Awakened the silence

By teaching her to re-connect

With the emotion that had been lost

She had to

Feel every word

Hear every word

Falling into verse

And into creation

Through her pen

And onto the pages

The soaring tenor

By happy chance

Began leading her back to the instrument

That she once knew and loved

He had come from afar

To show her the way

His soulful and tender songs

His lyrical artistry

His inspiration

Along with the emotion

That poured from his heart

Every time he sang

Revived what had been

Within her; but had fallen silent

This is my ode, Ode to S.P.

The gift from afar

That brought the poetess back

Singing and dancing

With the words

Flowing into verses

Just like before

But with a grander spirit

This is her ode

To the Soaring Tenor

Whose inspiration

Re-ignited the flame

So the poetess

Could reunite

With the passionate love

Of the poet’s heart

To never stop believing

And to “just write”



Many humble thanks to you, S.P.

And for blessing us all with your Extraordinary gifts.

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If her life

Played through instruments

Would it weep like the cello?

Would it flutter like the flute?

Would it serenade like the acoustic guitar?

Would it beat in rhythmic time like the drums?

Would it play upon the keys of a piano?


Her life as a song

Has wept like the cello

Has fluttered and danced with notes of the flute

Has calmed and relaxed

With the strings from the acoustic

Has beat in time with the drums

Has been played upon the keys of the piano

And has echoed within the sounds of the synthesizer

Her life as a song

Now awaits

For the symphony

To assemble

And resound

With harmony and balance

Peace, joy and love

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Let me sing

You a song

As love’s poetic verses

Wrap you within the warmth

Of its embrace

Let me sing

You a song

By the crackling fire

As hues of flames


As love’s poetic verses

Wrap you within

The warmth of its embrace

Let me sing

You a song

As love’s poetic verses

Nestle you within its tenderness

Wonderfully sweet

Intoxicating aromas


Let me sing

You a song

And dance

Within love’s poetic verses

And be one

With me

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Within the

Magic of dreams


Dreamt of you

Your gentleness

Your tender embrace

Like the petals of roses

Your laughter and your peace

Like the warmth of the sun

Within the

Magic of dreams

Familiar soul

Re-united within the aura of creativity

Into which she falls

Offering your tenderness

Your loving presence

Sense of humor and comfort

Your rich brown eyes

Seductive with charm

Love and light

Songs from you echo within

Speaking to her

Within the

Magic of dreams

She found

A beautiful soul

Composed through song and dance

She felt your glowing radiance

Within the twilight

The magic of dreams

She was alone

With you…….

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Summer’s awakening

Within the garden


A young girl’s fancy

Resting upon a bush

So delicate

So fragrant

So lovely

So joyous

She visited you often

Within the garden

Filling her with your sweetness

Your luscious pink hues

Always delighted her

Your petals so soft like fine silk

She visited you often

Until there was no more

In Vienna

She discovered

You again

In the garden

So lovely

So joyous

So fragrant

Filling her being

With love and delight

She visited


As the waltz

Roses from the South

Resounded within the garden

Echoing your charms

And filling her with love


The quintessential

Pink rose

That captured a young girl’s fancy

Has become her symbol

Of pure, sweet love

That is the treasure of you

Within her heart forevermore