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Saw a rose tree

Of soft velvety

Pink hues

And thought of you

Meandering down

Along cobblestone streets

Of Vienna

On a warm’s summer’s day

Watching horse drawn carriages

Pass by

Streets alive with music

Indulging in Eiskafees and strudel

Delights of time

Gazing upon

Habsburg Palace

And entering the iron gates

Of the Volksgarten

Admiring the fountains

And the aromas

Of sweet luscious roses

Abloom all around us

Stepping back in time

In love’s delight

Within the lover’s waltz

The waltzes of

Johann Strauss II

Reply amongst the roses

Shimmering through the canopy

Of the lover’s light

As if time

Had not passed

Saw a rose tree of tenderness

Dressed in

Velvety luscious pink hues

And thought of you

A lost love

No more

For you are nestled

Within thy heart and soul


Believe, Dreams, Guitar, Healing, hope, Inspiration, love, Love and Light, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Roses, Spirit and Soul



Here by

The crackling fire

Warming thy being

Strumming the guitar

Feeling the chords

Revealing words

Composing into song

Thoughts of you

Reflections of emotions

Coming through the chords

Echoing your charms

Like a lullaby

Your light

And your love


Everything you touched

With grace

Here by

The crackling fire

As embers rise and dance

Then disappear

Your content and humble spirit

Quieted the thunder

Of a restless soul

And softened the fire

Within thy being

As the moon’s tranquil rays

Release enchantment

Into the night

Feeling the chords

Of emotion well up within

Revealing words

Composing into song

Thinking of you

And where you have gone

Wondering if this song

If ever written

Will capture the

Essence of your charms

To return

For you, are the rose

Nestled within thy heart

And thy night’s companion

Through these chords of love and desire

Under the moon’s rays

Nestled by the warm

Brilliant crackling fire

Is the only remembrance

Of you, my sweet rose


Divine mystery, Found love, Garden, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Joy, love, Love Letters, Mind, body and spirit, Music, Poetry, Romance, Roses




Summer’s awakening

Within the garden


A young girl’s fancy

Resting upon a bush

So delicate

So fragrant

So lovely

So joyous

She visited you often

Within the garden

Filling her with your sweetness

Your luscious pink hues

Always delighted her

Your petals so soft like fine silk

She visited you often

Until there was no more

In Vienna

She discovered

You again

In the garden

So lovely

So joyous

So fragrant

Filling her being

With love and delight

She visited


As the waltz

Roses from the South

Resounded within the garden

Echoing your charms

And filling her with love


The quintessential

Pink rose

That captured a young girl’s fancy

Has become her symbol

Of pure, sweet love

That is the treasure of you

Within her heart forevermore

Garden, hope, love, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Roses, Spirit and Soul


Strolling into the mirrors

Of time and space

Stealing away into

The gardens

Of fountains and statues of white marble

Her blue dress

Flutters in the wind

As she runs

Butterflies a glow

Within the rays of light

Framed within the pallet

Of brilliant hues

An archway

Giving way

To a canopy of roses

Enticing lovers waiting

Music of the waltzes

Resound within the moonlit

Under the glittering stars

And within the sunlight

Dancing together

In the warmth of

Meditative bliss

Along the garden pathways

Nestled within

A lover’s hideaway


These are only the reflections

Of a lover that was

Never meant to be

awe, Believe, faith, Found love, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, love, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Roses


Within the rays

Of captivating radiant warmth

Shimmering wonder

Holding her close

Within your tender embrace

Releasing through tears

You held her close

Comforting words

Of echoing wisdom

Hope, love and faith

Cascading her

With your sweet love

Shimmering wonder

She stayed

As tears waned

Love’s rose held her tenderly

As she drifted into the healing

Of your

Illuminated wonder

Inspiration, love, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry, Regeneration, Renewal, Roses, Spirit and Soul


Echoes of you

Within the illuminated fountain

Come through her

Like a blossoming rose

When she is near you

Messages of light and love

Come through her

Teachers she has come to know

Filled with love and light

Radiant before her

Humbleness and grace

Soul touching ecstasy

Echoes of you

Within the illuminated fountain

Tears of joy

Swell within her

Like she has never known before

Awakening within a new dawn

Echoes of you

Come through her

Voices of love

Voices of hope

Tranquility and tenderness

Echoes of you

Magical wonderments

Within the echoes of you

Are with her forevermore

awe, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, love, Meditation, Mystery, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Romance, Roses, Spirit and Soul


Within his reverie

He sees

What he

Has never

Seen before

Her true beauty

Her true grace

Her brilliant light

Her resounding love

Her tenderness

Her nurturing kindness

Her inner peace

Her clarity

For she is

His fragrant rose


Within his reverie

Of awakening

For she is

A vision

A gift

A Splendor of Wonder

To him