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Love is in the air

Tender and gentle

Love is in the air

The sorrow of love

Has gone away

Love is in the air

As the rays of light and love

Shine from thee


Sweetly flowing

Never ending

Love is in the air

Fragrant like the roses

Promise of Love’s return

Love is in the air

Tender and gentle

Never ending

Sweetly embracing

Comfort everlasting

Love is in the air

Resounding joyfully

Love is in the air

The promise to thee

Angels, awe, Believe, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Love and Light, Love, Faith and Hope, Mind, body and spirit, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Roses, Seasons of Change, Words and Verses


Enchanted nights awaken

The moon illuminates

Windows dressed in colorful hues

Glittering hallows of light

Adorn tender skies

From the town

Below the hill

Enchanted nights begin





Glide like

Rose petals

In the gentle breeze

Touching hearts

Blossoming into roses

Of love, joy


Enchanted nights


Lights of wonder


Twinkle with delight

For the night

The day

Is near

When the

Petals of love

Take flight

Believe, Inspiration, Love, Faith and Hope, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry, Poets, Roses, Words and Verses


Waiting upon

The rose

That visited

So long ago

On a moonlit night

As the candle flickered

Within the awakening spring

The rose

That filled

Thy heart with joyful


Touching and warming

Thy being

Waiting upon

The rose

That came so long ago

Echoing still

Silently comforting

Silently embracing

Silently loving

Waiting upon

The rose

That has yet

To come

To be foretold

Beauty, Believe, Inspiration, Joy, Letting go, Love, Faith and Hope, Mind, body and spirit, Peace, Poetry, Poets, Quest, Romance, Roses, Wisdom, Words and Verses




By the door

Hoping love waltzes in

For hope has been


By the serenading wisdom

You sing

That fills her heart

With joy and faith

For the dawn

Of love’s coming

Realizing how foolish

She was

How wrong she was

To take love away

Because it was

So bittersweet

In many ways

Time to let go

And let be

Your voice

Moves her

As the soul of your wisdom

Rains through her being

Soulful and true

Roses by the door

A lovely hue of pink

And sweetly fragrant

Along with rose quartz



Love pure, simple and true

To enter

She knows

It won’t be the same

As before

Because she is different

In mind, body and soul

So she comes

With hope

Into the realm of love

Once again

With open arms

A beloved tune

Roses by the door…….

Angels, Beauty, Believe, Found love, Joy, Love and Light, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Poetry, Poets, Roses, Words and Verses



Of silver rays

Moon’s dawn

Nestled within

A magnificent orb

Of iridescent pink

Suspended gracefully

Expanding like

Angel’s wings

Silver rays

Sparkles of joy

Tease thy being

Gazing humbly

Upon the orb

Peace overcomes

Turning into elation

Turning into bliss

As a rose

Blossoms within

The orb

Held love

Within the palms

Of thy hands

awe, Beauty, Believe, faith, Found love, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, love, Love and Light, Meditation, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Roses, Words and Verses


Saw a rose tree

Of soft velvety

Pink hues

And thought of you

Meandering down

Along cobblestone streets

Of Vienna

On a warm’s summer’s day

Watching horse drawn carriages

Pass by

Streets alive with music

Indulging in Eiskafees and strudel

Delights of time

Gazing upon

Habsburg Palace

And entering the iron gates

Of the Volksgarten

Admiring the fountains

And the aromas

Of sweet luscious roses

Abloom all around us

Stepping back in time

In love’s delight

Within the lover’s waltz

The waltzes of

Johann Strauss II

Reply amongst the roses

Shimmering through the canopy

Of the lover’s light

As if time

Had not passed

Saw a rose tree of tenderness

Dressed in

Velvety luscious pink hues

And thought of you

A lost love

No more

For you are nestled

Within thy heart and soul


Believe, Dreams, Guitar, Healing, hope, Inspiration, love, Love and Light, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Roses, Spirit and Soul



Here by

The crackling fire

Warming thy being

Strumming the guitar

Feeling the chords

Revealing words

Composing into song

Thoughts of you

Reflections of emotions

Coming through the chords

Echoing your charms

Like a lullaby

Your light

And your love


Everything you touched

With grace

Here by

The crackling fire

As embers rise and dance

Then disappear

Your content and humble spirit

Quieted the thunder

Of a restless soul

And softened the fire

Within thy being

As the moon’s tranquil rays

Release enchantment

Into the night

Feeling the chords

Of emotion well up within

Revealing words

Composing into song

Thinking of you

And where you have gone

Wondering if this song

If ever written

Will capture the

Essence of your charms

To return

For you, are the rose

Nestled within thy heart

And thy night’s companion

Through these chords of love and desire

Under the moon’s rays

Nestled by the warm

Brilliant crackling fire

Is the only remembrance

Of you, my sweet rose