Healing, Inspiration, Journey, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Peace, Poetry, The Sea, Yoga



Summer’s morn

Sitting by the illuminated shore

Scattered with seaweed and rocks

In the company of gulls

Relaxing too

Waves to and fro

In rhythmic time

Sparkling like diamonds

Colorful hues

Beneath the sea

Tempting for exploration

A token perhaps

Its briny aroma awakens

The senses

Of a sleepy soul

Its wind soothes

Waves to and fro


As if they were holding

Precious jewels

And then disappear

In a moment’s flash

Breathing in

Breathing out

With each ebb and flow

Silently sowing the seeds of inner calm

Breathing in

Breathing out

With each ebb and flow

Serenity by the sea

Believe, faith, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Joy, love, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Peace, Poetry, Renewal, Romance, Spirit and Soul


Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

See how the light

Plays upon the mountain peaks

How the eagles and hawks


Greeting the rising sun

If you listen closely

You will hear their wings

Echoing in the wind

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

By the crackling fire

So serene are the lakes

Against the mountains

Listen, the wolves are calling

Let us dance within

The luminescent rays

Of the moon

In the morning,

You will see trees dressed

In earthy hues

We can dance in the sun’s rays too

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

See the pallet of hues

Displayed before us

The water lilies

The roses

The butterflies

See the pathways of stone

And how they give way

To ornate fountains

And statues of pristine white

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

And behold

The turquoise sea

Shimmering within the rays

Listen to the wave’s gentle tune

So relaxing

Is it not?

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

Overlooking the mighty canyon

Within the setting sun

See how the walls

As I play my flute for you

Become wondrous hues of color

Reds, oranges, and purple

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

Listen to the symphony

All around you

Let the music

Become a part of you

Come, sit beside me

By the smoldering

Incense of love

And just be

Because where you are

I am with you

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

For together

We are love

And so

Shall we remain

Healing, Journey, Meditation, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Nature, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirit and Soul



By the sea

As the waves

Roll in and out


Hover and cry

Waves hitting rocks

Sending bursts of briny water

Into the air

Splashing upon one’s being


By the sea

Warm sand

Beneath thy feet

Rays of warmth

Soothed by breezes


By the sea

The quietude of solitude

Mesmerized by


Reflections of distance memories

Within the waves


By the sea



Nestled within the contemplation

Of waiting

As the ocean echoes

Looking down

A rose colored rock

Placed within the shallow pool

Reaching down

As the water sparkled

Within the rays

Turning it over

Pause….Breathe…Begin again…..


By the sea………..

awe, Beauty, Heron, Joy, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Nature, Peace, Poetry



Heronwhite (1)

By the birches

So serene

So misty

On this faded sunlit morn

Water of glass

Gleams within the stillness

Water lilies abloom

Hidden and nestled within

The tall grasses and fauna

The great blue heron

Gazing across the water

A magnificent

Bird of snow

Flying towards

Its shadow

Skimming across the mirror of blue

Awe beheld

Coming to rest

Within the kingdom of the birches

In silent awe

She watches

The majestic presence

Standing tall within the calm waters

A vision of pure white


Time escapes

As she becomes

A part of the wonder

Butterfly, hope, Inspiration, Joy, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Nature, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Voice of nature



Within the warmth

Of the garden

Softened by breezes

You come one by one

Dance and flutter

Amongst the brilliant hues



Dressed in your colorful clothing

Delighting and exciting

As you dance

Silently in the wind

Within the rays of light

The child watches

Captivated by joy

As she

Sees the beauty

And the treasure unfold

Before her eyes



awe, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Medicine Wisdom, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Native American Spirituality, Nature, Philosophy, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Spirit and Soul, Vision Quest, Voice of nature



There is a place

Where you are not judged

Where you are always welcomed

Where someone always listens

Where you can play like

A child without rebuke

Where company is plentiful

Or if you prefer solitary reverie

Where mountains are endless

For climbing and exploring with wonderment

Where you can wander

Through adoring meadows, vibrant wild flowers,

Tall grasses and meandering valleys

Where you can rest by babbling brooks, running rivers, or serene lakes

Where majestic eagles

And valiant hawks

Soar and dance within the blue canvas

Where trees dressed in many hues wave hello

Where troubadours

Nestled within the trees


Where the whispering wind soothes

Where endless wonders simply exist

Where you can meditate and become one

Where ancient wisdom and knowledge can be sought

By watching, listening, hearing, touching and smelling the spirit of the wilderness

Nature in all her Glory and Grace

Nestled within the light of the world

Is where the path to the true self begins……….

hope, Medicine Wisdom, Nature, Poetry, Voice of nature


She passes by

In the stillness

Of morn

The sun awakening

Water lilies

Of pure white

Stretching their petals

To receive the warm light

The trees still at rest

The birds glide with ease

To join the choir

Preparing morning hymns

Three men

Quietly sit

Waiting in stillness

Nestled within the

Verdant cove

Upon a rock

Standing patient and regal

In the warm rays of the morn

The fishermen

And the heron


For a stir

Within the placid blue mirror