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In the quietude

Of you

Nestled beside

The beloved birch

Cool breezes

Waltz around thy being

Whilst the sun’s rays

Warm with its caresses

The pond so blue

Moving so beautifully


And with calmness

Rocks along the banks

Damp and wet

Shimmering in the sunlight


Of days

When the water lilies


When the fish jumped and plopped

When the Great Blue Heron

Was in residence

When the red-wings tickled thy heart

With joy as they fluttered

And sung

Now sitting here

As the sunlight

Cascades down upon thy being

You delight

With your colorful charms

Of warm spicy hues

All around your banks

These are new moments

To place within the treasure box

Of thy heart

To be re-opened

Anytime and be filled

With the joyous

Love and light

You gift so often

To the child of autumn

The salvation

Of thy healing

Autumn, awe, Beauty, Healing, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Love and Light, Love, Faith and Hope, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Paths, Philosophy, Poetry, Poets, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Seasons of Change, Voice of nature, Wisdom, Words and Verses


Autumn’s brunch

On a quiet and placid day

Strolling through the park

Dashes of spicy hues

Brought warmth

Cool breezes

Waltzed by

Calm waters stirred

Sending ripples far and wide

Trumpets sounded

From across the sky

Descending into

Water landings

Canadian geese

Laughters arose

Fragrant aromas

And soft cascades

Pleased and soothed

The sun’s rays

Warmed and delighted

Strolling along

Country paths

Gathered colorful leaves

Peace bequeathed

Calming a restless spirit

Joys sprung forth

As the trees danced

Crows cackled

A chickadee sung

Friends about



And laughter

Was with her

Walking through

A grove of pine

Met a baby squirrel

Scurrying around


For this was

Autumn’s brunch

With coffee and companionship…

Autumn, awe, Beauty, Cosmos, Dreams, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Omens, Signs, and Totems, Paths, Peace, Philosophy, Poetry, Poets, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Soul Searching, Spirit and Soul, Voice of nature, Wisdom, Words and Verses



Autumn’s rain fell

Sitting nestled by the window

Beside a flickering flame

As autumn’s song


And the wind chimed in

Quietly waiting

Quietly embracing

Quietly refreshing

Quietly restoring

Stepping outside

The baptismal waters

Of autumn’s rain

Serenaded thy being

With its gentle touches

Change is coming

A new path

A new direction

A new awakening

A new beginning

Change, is the spice of life

Autumn’s rich warm spicy hues

Come forth

And begin prophesying

New adventures

New directions

New paths

And new beginnings…….

Autumn, awe, Celtic Lore, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Medicine Wisdom, Mind, body and spirit, Omens, Signs, and Totems, Owls, Philosophy, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Seasons of Change, Seer, Twilight, Voice of nature, Words and Verses




Upon a table

Perching within

An array of spicy hues

Pine cones

And a tiny pumpkin

Sits Birches

Thy very own

Elusive twilighter

As a remembrance

Of the one who

Comes every Fall

Upon a tree

Outside the home

That rests upon a hill

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If her life

Played through instruments

Would it weep like the cello?

Would it flutter like the flute?

Would it serenade like the acoustic guitar?

Would it beat in rhythmic time like the drums?

Would it play upon the keys of a piano?


Her life as a song

Has wept like the cello

Has fluttered and danced with notes of the flute

Has calmed and relaxed

With the strings from the acoustic

Has beat in time with the drums

Has been played upon the keys of the piano

And has echoed within the sounds of the synthesizer

Her life as a song

Now awaits

For the symphony

To assemble

And resound

With harmony and balance

Peace, joy and love

Autumn, Beauty, Fall Leaves, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Nature, New Dawn; New Day, Poetry, Poets, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Seasons of Change, Voice of nature, Words and Verses


Memories of the Birches

The birches



The lovely arrays

Of pristine white

Flowers resting

Ever so gently

Upon the mirror of blue

Have gone away

The song birds

No longer resound

The red-winged blackbirds

Have gone away

The Great Blue Heron

Known as “Mr. Heron”

Has gone away

The snowy egret

Is no longer resting

Within the birches

The verdant trees

Are transforming

Into rich warm

Earthy hues

Within the birches

The coming of

A new cloak


Of days past

And new wonders

To behold

Within the coming

Of a new day

A new dawn

awe, Inspiration, Journey, Medicine Wisdom, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Native American Spirituality, Nature, Omens, Signs, and Totems, Paths, Poetry, Poets, Regeneration, Renewal, Soul Searching, Vision Quest, Voice of nature, Wisdom, Words and Verses



In meditative sacredness

She sits in awe

Wild sage,

Cedar and sweet grass softly burn

Surrounding her

Within its fragrance

Enveloping her in a shroud of protection

The rattle sounds


The entrance of spirit guides

The four directions merge as one

Honoring the Great Creator and Mother Earth

As the drums beat in rhythmic time

She enters the verdant forest

A majestic stag

Stands before her

Together they run through the forest

Unencumbered and free

Into the open wilderness

The Stag’s energy, strength and majestic grace

Fills her being with every beat upon the earth

Perched high upon a treetop


Upon Mother Earth

A glorious eagle

Its head as white as newly fallen snow

Its dark brown feathers shimmer

Within the rays of light

Stilling her in reverie

So beautiful!

So captivating!

She asks within her heart

To become one with the eagle

And to soar

In the midst of love and light

The eagle


Her request

And she was

Forever changed