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Summer’s awakening

Within the garden


A young girl’s fancy

Resting upon a bush

So delicate

So fragrant

So lovely

So joyous

She visited you often

Within the garden

Filling her with your sweetness

Your luscious pink hues

Always delighted her

Your petals so soft like fine silk

She visited you often

Until there was no more

In Vienna

She discovered

You again

In the garden

So lovely

So joyous

So fragrant

Filling her being

With love and delight

She visited


As the waltz

Roses from the South

Resounded within the garden

Echoing your charms

And filling her with love


The quintessential

Pink rose

That captured a young girl’s fancy

Has become her symbol

Of pure, sweet love

That is the treasure of you

Within her heart forevermore

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Deep within

Etched upon

The heart of her soul

Is your love letter

The sweet nectar

That calms and soothes

Like a balm

Tender and precious

Wisdom within your letter

Spoken like that of the sages

So loving

So full of warmth and hope

That sings

With soulful elation

To her

A sultry comfort

In the coldness

Tears that once wept

To nowhere

Now fall into the

Pool of healing

In moments

When the light fades

Just a bit

Deep within

Etched upon

The very heart

Of her soul

Is your letter

That she carries

Each and every moment

Because it is from you

And your letter still

Sings to her

Because although

You are lost

From her sight

You and your letter

Are her love and her light