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Summer’s eve

Rain falls


In harmony

With the Native American flute

Resounding blissfully

In the ambiance

Of soothing showers

Songs of evening’s dawn

Chime in too

Nestled within nearby trees

Cacophony of life

Disturb thy reverie

Finding balance

Takes patience

Letting go


Summer’s rain

Falling ever so



Has ceased

Birds chime in

Once again

Breathe deep

And let go

Its only life

Its disruptions

Its disturbances

Are only moments

That fleet by

Listen to the birds


Giggling with joy

And smile

Find your balance

Your harmony

Within all

That moves you


Just be

A wise one

Once said

Just be…..

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To the Ordinary


To think

That thy life

Was ordinary

Nowhere to go

Nothing wondrous

Hum drum

Drab and dull

Always wanting

To fly

With the birds

Still do

At times

Hum drum

Going through the motions

No direction

No purpose

Just existing

Walking life





Treasure it


Whispering through the wind

Through the voice of nature




Into stories


Streaming like the

Rays of  the sun


Glittering like

The stars



Became not

So ordinary

It became extraordinary

With happenings


Different eyes


Different ears



Becoming attuned







Walking between

Ordinary and extraordinary



Being peace

Being Love

Being understanding

Whilst navigating

The way

Of thy life’s journey

When reflections come

Those moments

Spaces in time

No more

And yet

Some still are


That ordinary

Is the mind’s game

Of what it

Life ought to be

But not so


Locked away

In the treasure chest

They reside



But hidden within view

Thy journey


To what end

Do not know

Yet to be revealed

Its purpose

Its destination



Is this..

Within the ordinary



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You taught me

How to find the light

How to find the love

How to laugh

How to sing in

Mind, body and spirit

How to dance within the symphonies of nature

How to rest beside a crackling fire

Watching the flames dance

Letting all cares drift away

Falling into meditative stillness

How to soar

With the hawks and the eagles

How to admire the sparkling diamonds

Within the night’s cloak

And dream

How to just be

Wherever I am

In stillness

Calm and serenity

But still working on that

You taught me

To just be the true me

To follow thy heart

Wherever it leads

To walk life

With peace and clarity

You taught me

How to find the light

How to find the love

The joy that shines bright

When all seemed lost

For all shall be well

You taught me

And now I see

The love, the beauty, the joy, the peace and the understanding

That resides in thee

And I am still blossoming

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Poem from the Sage series….


She climbed the mountain

With hope

Would he be there?

Flames aglow

From a comforting fire

She hastened her steps

As she approached

“Child, I’ve been expecting you”

“You have?”

“Come, sit by the fire and have some tea”

As he drifted into a peace-filled trance

She sat down in lotus

“Tell me your troubles child”


“Uncertainty about what, child”

“Where and what I am supposed do and who I am.  I’ve been traveling from place to place searching and trying different avenues only to yield futility.”

“You expect too much child. Take this,” he said handing it to her

She took the neatly folded parchment from him

And began to unfurl it

There were exactly 108 folds

Gazing upon the parchment

A labyrinth

A mandala

Her face aglow

From the soothing yellow and orange flames


“What is this?”

“Your answer, child”

“My answer. How will this help me?”

“Child, life is a journey. Why are searching life itself for who you are. Life serves as guideposts for paths of teaching, awakening, evolution and transformation.”

“Life is so hard”

“Yes, child it is. Life itself is not the answer to who you are, what you are supposed to do or where you are to go. Life is a series of events and figures walking along the ridges of the labyrinth.  Do you not learn from life?”

“Well, yes but….”

“Where is my existence in life? Who am I? What am I supposed to do? Is there any meaning and purpose to my life and to my existence?”

“Child, there is meaning and purpose in all life. Do not let life define who you are. Life does not define you.  You define yourself by what others and life tells you.  What you are searching for cannot be found in life itself.”

She looks

With perplexed contemplation

“Follow the path, child.  It is a map.”

“A map?”

“It is a map to your existence. Who you are and what you are to fulfill”

“How will this lead me to who I am and to my purpose? I am confused”

“Child, life serves as guideposts for events and figures to pass in and out.  You will not find what you are searching for by life itself.  What you are seeking is in the center”

“What will I find in the center?”

“Your soul, child, “he replied

“It is the essence of love and light that belongs to you and to everyone.  Do not just hear but listen to the echoes within you and you will find your true self and your calling.”


She closed her eyes

Listening to the crackling fire



The hymn of the universe

Resounded within her

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Within the rays

Of brilliancy

Upon turquoise waves

A cobalt bottle

Sealed with and cork and wax

Comes upon the shores

Of white sand

Nestled within

A quiet gentle cove

Within a note

Opening the seal

Sweet aromas

Of roses and frankincense


Within the scroll

Dear Angel,

Walking these lands

Of this rough and tumbled place

Give me strength and courage

Bequeath to thy being hope

To cope

Pray the gifts of

Joy, peace, happiness and love

Will descend upon thee

Don’t know where

I am going

Release my fears

Envelop thy being in your

Love’s radiance

The comfort of thy being

Let thy being

Rise above the curses

Of thy life

And awaken

To love’s light

Praying and hoping

To catch the wind

And soar into new adventures

Good and true

Shield thy being

With strength, courage and faith

For you, angel, are thy blessings

And thy faded glory

Longing to see thee

Your love and light

The tenderness of your voice

That touched thy being…..

Angel, my needs are tended to

But thy dreams and desires

Are untouched

Waiting for new beginnings

Darkness before the dawn

May the steps that I have taken

And are about to take

Pray they have and will not be in vain

Dear Angel,

Guide thy path

Shield thy being with your courage

Strength, faith, light, peace and hope

Although this path

Upon which thy feet touch must be alone

For you chose it

But is there

A star of gentle grace

And love like you

That thy being will encounter

Within the new dawn

To just be

In pure simplicity, laughter and serenity

With the rose

You left behind

Angel, are you there?

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When the ruts and ditches

Of life render falls

I will be there

To catch you and hold you close

When you need a shoulder

To cry upon

I will be there

To catch you and hold you close

When you need the light to shine

When darkness succumbs

I will be there

To catch you and hold you close

Lighting the way

When love wanes and falls away

I will be there

To catch you and hold you close

In love’s tender embrace

No matter

Where you are

Within time and space

I am here for you

For I am always with you

There is no greater love

Then my love

For you, my dearest

I am here for you

And I will always

Catch you and hold you close

Because you are

The Soul of my Love

Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Life's Lessons, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Philosophy, Poetry



Traveling show

Of words

Guided by the poet’s hand

As they majestically flow

From the deepest part

Of the soul

Onto the pages of light

Creating displays of color

Through imagery

That moves the


To joy

To tears

To laughter

To reflecting

With its haunting magic

That unfolds

Within the verses

Coming forth

Through the poet’s hand


Whispering through

The verses

Singing to seeking souls

And to

To the poet, a seeker

Of wisdom

Of beauty

Of love and peace

Of humility

And compassion

Upon the journey

Of life