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In the stillness

Of a mystical morn

Neither asleep nor awake

She found herself walking down

A dusty dirt road

Grass lands and water to her left

Women dressed in vibrant colorful

Hues dotted the landscape

Cattle and camels

Strolled by her

As did passersby

Never noticing her

She hears nothing

She only sees with acute vividness

She senses the sun’s heat along the dusty road

But does not feel it

A humble place before her

People entering and exiting

Men dressed in orange and saffron meander about

A tree decorated in regal homage

As a monk sits in quiet reverence

People pass by her

Never noticing

Do they not see her?

Entering this humble place

She walks to its center

In wonderment

She stood

Gazing upon Its ornate beauty

Candles flickered casting serene shadows

Incense rises and encompasses her

But she cannot smell its aroma

In the midst

She watches people admire its beauty

They mingle and pass by her

As if she were not there

She turned

Her head rose high


A golden Buddha sitting in lotus upon an altar

Candles flicker

As an array of color surrounds

In homage

Standing in the midst

Of this simplistic wonderment

Comforted her

How did she get here?

Why is she here?

Why do people never take notice of her presence?


A procession of monks dressed in orange and saffron

Entered the room

Walking silently in reflection

Their peace-filled auras consumed her

As the last monk passed by her,

He suddenly stopped

Turned towards her

He is young and slender with a serene face

His eyes widen

His mouth drops open with astonishment

Their eyes lock

She is mystified

He sees her!

He slowly turned around

And followed his brothers out of the temple

As she watched


With a tremendous jolt

She leapt up

Released from neither sleep or awake

Finding herself

In her bed

And not walking through the lands of India

How could this be?………


Healing, Inspiration, Journey, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Peace, Poetry, The Sea, Yoga



Summer’s morn

Sitting by the illuminated shore

Scattered with seaweed and rocks

In the company of gulls

Relaxing too

Waves to and fro

In rhythmic time

Sparkling like diamonds

Colorful hues

Beneath the sea

Tempting for exploration

A token perhaps

Its briny aroma awakens

The senses

Of a sleepy soul

Its wind soothes

Waves to and fro


As if they were holding

Precious jewels

And then disappear

In a moment’s flash

Breathing in

Breathing out

With each ebb and flow

Silently sowing the seeds of inner calm

Breathing in

Breathing out

With each ebb and flow

Serenity by the sea

faith, hope, Journey, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Poetry, Wisdom

Echoes from the Flute


Solemn sounds

Echo from the flute

Passages of time

Quivering in the mist

Pathways become sand storms

And drift into the abyss

Solemn sounds

Echo from the flute

Stepping aside

From the noise


To find solace

Within the heart

Where the light

Forever shines

Where cascades

From the fountain

Nourish with its sweet nectar

Solemn sounds

Echo from the flute

Passages of time

Quiver within the mist

Shrouds of what was

Solemn sounds

Echoes from the flute

Waiting with hope

For love’s return

And you……

Healing, Journey, Meditation, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Nature, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirit and Soul



By the sea

As the waves

Roll in and out


Hover and cry

Waves hitting rocks

Sending bursts of briny water

Into the air

Splashing upon one’s being


By the sea

Warm sand

Beneath thy feet

Rays of warmth

Soothed by breezes


By the sea

The quietude of solitude

Mesmerized by


Reflections of distance memories

Within the waves


By the sea



Nestled within the contemplation

Of waiting

As the ocean echoes

Looking down

A rose colored rock

Placed within the shallow pool

Reaching down

As the water sparkled

Within the rays

Turning it over

Pause….Breathe…Begin again…..


By the sea………..

Dreams, faith, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Philosophy, Poetry, Poets, Wisdom


Silently chosen

Silently walking

Through the maze of life

The poet

Seeking wisdom

Seeking beauty

Seeking magical moments

Seeking Peace

And love

Timeless moments


And displayed within

The walls of the gallery

Silently chosen

Silently walking

The poet

Capturing moments

Before they wither

Within the dust of life

Preserving them

Within and upon

The walls of the gallery

Silently chosen

Silently walking

Within the maze of life

The poet

Carrying the lanterns

Of hope

Of inspiration

And love

Silently chosen

Silently walking


Blending into the canvas of life




By chance

They are seen

Are heard

The poet

Silently chosen

Silently walking……………….

Believe, dance, Dreams, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Romance, Spirit and Soul


Falling into the arms

Of you

Entranced by your words

That flow from

The crystal fountain

And onto the pages

Your charms

Your voice

Renders the creative muses

To dance

To sing

To soar


Capturing moments

Into words

Creating picturesque elegance

As she gets lost within you

Losing moments within time

As the words echo

And come forth

Fast and furious

As the pen moves


Enjoyment within the composing

Singing and dancing

With the words of her muses and with you

Behold creative wonderment

She falls into the arms of you

Entranced by your words

With joyful elated freedom

When she does not try

The wonderment of expression

Dances within her

Words spoken by the muses

Come forth to her

And flow into her hands

Like a blossoming flower

Upon the pages

And all she has to do

Is to fall into

The arms of you

And let your bliss-filled voice

That is like no other

Cascade within her

And to just be

With the love

She knows and



Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Life's Lessons, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Philosophy, Poetry



Traveling show

Of words

Guided by the poet’s hand

As they majestically flow

From the deepest part

Of the soul

Onto the pages of light

Creating displays of color

Through imagery

That moves the


To joy

To tears

To laughter

To reflecting

With its haunting magic

That unfolds

Within the verses

Coming forth

Through the poet’s hand


Whispering through

The verses

Singing to seeking souls

And to

To the poet, a seeker

Of wisdom

Of beauty

Of love and peace

Of humility

And compassion

Upon the journey

Of life