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Sitting outside

Thoughts of you

Who nurtured

The little girl

With your quiet wisdom


And gentle spirit

Watching cartoons with her

Showing her how to pick strawberries

Harvesting corn

Carving pumpkins together

Picking checkerberries

Finding Christmas trees in the woods

Rides in the truck

Going to the corner store on Sundays

How to appreciate nature

Walking in the woods

With a most beloved dog

Showing her how to skip rocks

How to walk on the rocks

By the seashore

Appreciating the value of books

And reading

Sharing stories

of his adventures

With the little girl

That inspired

Her creative ambitions

Sharing his affinity for cats

And so much more

When the time came

The young girl

Had grown

It was time to give back

To him

For all the memories

And the gentle love

He gave to her

Every time she

Rests in nature

Takes walks or

Sits by seashore

I know

He is there beside me

Along with Dino

For he

Is my Beloved grandfather

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Here I sit

In contemplation

Words through the pen

Waiting to spring forth

Like a geyser

Upon these pages

To you

But I don’t know

Where to begin

For it seems

That I have nothing to say

Or perhaps mere words

Cannot express

What is within thy being

At this present moment

Within the time and space

Of contemplation


For words through the pen

To spring forth

As if by magical wonder

Upon the pages

Before thy being

For you

Touched thy being

In ways

Of no explanation

Or of expression


It is beyond words

So here, I sit

For words through the pen

To spring forth

With illumination

And all

That comes


Thank you!

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Hibiscus Flower

Beside turquoise seas

Bathed in the rays

Of brilliant warmth

Nestled within the arms

Of thy comforting serenity

Camouflaged by shade

In the reverie of secluded bliss

Sweet aromas from colorful hues

Come hither

Through screen of glorious hibiscus

A table garnished

With fruits and delights

Sipping a margarita

Watching the sun melt

Into the horizon

Casting luminous glows across

The turquoise sea

As the crackling fire


The descending tropical night

Margaritas by the sea

Nestled within the arms

Of comforting serenity

Is a place

To just be

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Guardian angels

Heavenly Ancestors

Of love and light

Sometimes unseen

But are always watching

Walking beside us

With silent footsteps

Radiating love

Healing and peace

Guardian angels


Come to lend a helping hand

To comfort us

With words of love and wisdom

Or holding us in tender embraces

Guardian angels

Help to guide the way

When darkness descends

To weary and tired souls

Who are burdened with despair

Loss of hope

Guardian angels

With unconditional love

Bring healing and peace

Guardian angels

Also include our four legged companions

Who protect us

Play with us

Comfort us

And love us

In return

We become their guardian angels

So you see,

We are all guardian angels


Upon the path of life

Helping to keep

The river of light and love flowing

Unencumbered and free

To render peace, compassion, kindness and healing

Each and every moment

Because in the end

When everything else fades into the mist


Pure, simple and true


And that is

The hardest of them all

To see, to give and to understand

Upon the journey of life

Guardian angels


As remembrances of

And to show us

The way….

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Within nature’s sanctuary

Of reverie

Echoing high

Is the majestic hawk

Sending shivers of awe

Through her being

Soothing green hues

Dancing trees

Joyful tunes

Calm blue and white water

Shimmering like an array

Of diamonds

Within the warmth

Of soft rays

The hawk’s valiant dance

Captures her

Precious wonderment surrounds her

Placid waters

Rushing river

Babbling brooks

Streams of blue

Sauntering by green banks

Butterflies in colorful cloaks

Dance to and fro

Each step is with

Respect and sacredness

Touching trees with tender hands

Opening to meadows

Dotted with an array of vivid hues

Bees gathering the sweetness

Of the flowers

Chipmunk scurries by

Breezes so soft and tender

Within this elation of ecstasy

Is that what John Denver

Felt like

Each time he stepped

Into the pages of nature’s book of wonders?

The inspiration before him

Calmness that came to his soul

And touched his heart with joy

As it does to the child of autumn

Who communed, played and danced

To each poetic verse

That sang to her

Capturing moments

That still haunts her with

Passionate love

Each and every moment

Nature’s enchanting

Beauties of wonderment

Have become a part of her

Her mind, body and is

The spirit of inspiration

For the voice

That comes alive

Within her

Is this what John Denver

Felt, experienced

When he walked with nature?

Did his spirit, his voice

Come alive with each song

Mother Nature sang to him

Like it does for her

Each and every moment

Because when she

The child of autumn

Steps into the pages

Of nature’s book

She walks with excitement

Breathless with wonder

As she sees

Through the eyes of a child

All that surrounds her

For the first time

Sending her heart

Aflutter with

Love, joy, ecstasy and thanksgivings

And perhaps John’s spirit

Is alive within

All those who find solace

In nature

As he and the child of autumn


awe, gratitude, Healing, Inspiration, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry



She gets lost within you

The dances in the wind

As the choir resounds

The reflections of wonderment

And she

Gets lost within you

The hues of color

Hints of fragrance

Those subtle delights that touch her tenderly

Shivers of joy


She gets lost within you

From the moment we met

Perhaps kindred spirits

For you

Are her retreat

She gets lost within you

From dawn till night

In your nurturing loving embrace

The music of your spirit

Your soul

And that is all

She needs

To know

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To the One; the Elusive One

To the one

The elusive one

Who fills her heart

With verses

Like time traveling melodies

Memories stirred

Of nights and days

In silent wonderment

Floating within

The rising sun

Of your spirit

Cherished moments

Wrapped in tender

Loving verses

Delighting dreams

And her muses within

To the one

The elusive one

Who fills her heart

With blissful reverie

Revealing wisdom

Her heart knew

But did not heed

Nights and days

Went silent

To the one

The elusive one


The tunnel of light

You have shown her

A new way

A new love

Learning to believe

In her own voice

That once fell silent

To the one

The elusive one


Taught her

How to believe

In the voice

That was never silent

It just needed

To evolve

To be nurtured

And healed

Within the light

To become

Her own

Unique voice

And sound

Just like yours