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Of silver rays

Moon’s dawn

Nestled within

A magnificent orb

Of iridescent pink

Suspended gracefully

Expanding like

Angel’s wings

Silver rays

Sparkles of joy

Tease thy being

Gazing humbly

Upon the orb

Peace overcomes

Turning into elation

Turning into bliss

As a rose

Blossoms within

The orb

Held love

Within the palms

Of thy hands

awe, Beauty, Believe, faith, Found love, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, love, Love and Light, Meditation, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Roses, Words and Verses


Saw a rose tree

Of soft velvety

Pink hues

And thought of you

Meandering down

Along cobblestone streets

Of Vienna

On a warm’s summer’s day

Watching horse drawn carriages

Pass by

Streets alive with music

Indulging in Eiskafees and strudel

Delights of time

Gazing upon

Habsburg Palace

And entering the iron gates

Of the Volksgarten

Admiring the fountains

And the aromas

Of sweet luscious roses

Abloom all around us

Stepping back in time

In love’s delight

Within the lover’s waltz

The waltzes of

Johann Strauss II

Reply amongst the roses

Shimmering through the canopy

Of the lover’s light

As if time

Had not passed

Saw a rose tree of tenderness

Dressed in

Velvety luscious pink hues

And thought of you

A lost love

No more

For you are nestled

Within thy heart and soul


Divine mystery, Found love, Garden, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Joy, love, Love Letters, Mind, body and spirit, Music, Poetry, Romance, Roses




Summer’s awakening

Within the garden


A young girl’s fancy

Resting upon a bush

So delicate

So fragrant

So lovely

So joyous

She visited you often

Within the garden

Filling her with your sweetness

Your luscious pink hues

Always delighted her

Your petals so soft like fine silk

She visited you often

Until there was no more

In Vienna

She discovered

You again

In the garden

So lovely

So joyous

So fragrant

Filling her being

With love and delight

She visited


As the waltz

Roses from the South

Resounded within the garden

Echoing your charms

And filling her with love


The quintessential

Pink rose

That captured a young girl’s fancy

Has become her symbol

Of pure, sweet love

That is the treasure of you

Within her heart forevermore

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Within nature’s sanctuary

Of reverie

Echoing high

Is the majestic hawk

Sending shivers of awe

Through her being

Soothing green hues

Dancing trees

Joyful tunes

Calm blue and white water

Shimmering like an array

Of diamonds

Within the warmth

Of soft rays

The hawk’s valiant dance

Captures her

Precious wonderment surrounds her

Placid waters

Rushing river

Babbling brooks

Streams of blue

Sauntering by green banks

Butterflies in colorful cloaks

Dance to and fro

Each step is with

Respect and sacredness

Touching trees with tender hands

Opening to meadows

Dotted with an array of vivid hues

Bees gathering the sweetness

Of the flowers

Chipmunk scurries by

Breezes so soft and tender

Within this elation of ecstasy

Is that what John Denver

Felt like

Each time he stepped

Into the pages of nature’s book of wonders?

The inspiration before him

Calmness that came to his soul

And touched his heart with joy

As it does to the child of autumn

Who communed, played and danced

To each poetic verse

That sang to her

Capturing moments

That still haunts her with

Passionate love

Each and every moment

Nature’s enchanting

Beauties of wonderment

Have become a part of her

Her mind, body and is

The spirit of inspiration

For the voice

That comes alive

Within her

Is this what John Denver

Felt, experienced

When he walked with nature?

Did his spirit, his voice

Come alive with each song

Mother Nature sang to him

Like it does for her

Each and every moment

Because when she

The child of autumn

Steps into the pages

Of nature’s book

She walks with excitement

Breathless with wonder

As she sees

Through the eyes of a child

All that surrounds her

For the first time

Sending her heart

Aflutter with

Love, joy, ecstasy and thanksgivings

And perhaps John’s spirit

Is alive within

All those who find solace

In nature

As he and the child of autumn


Aham Prema, Believe, Divine mystery, faith, Found love, Garden, Healing, India, Inspiration, Journey, love, Mantras, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Peace, Philosophy, Poetry, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal



Into the garden

Leave your bundles

Of life that you carry

Within the gates

For they no longer serve


Tea of honey, cinnamon and ginger

Await thee


Sit and abide with me

The gentle whispers of


Like lovely arias

Tenderly touch

The heart and soul

Let them rise

For they bring healing

And peace within

To you, child

The seeker of a new dawn


Sit and abide with me

Listen to the

Cascading waters of turquoise

Let the cascades

Soothe the weariness

You entered with

Notice the aromas

Let them tickle

Your senses

Gifting you joy

Enchanting isn’t it?

Notice the hues

Of color displayed

Before you

The flowers and the herbs

Of healing

Their colors

Reminiscent of

The spinning wheels of energy

That flow

That waltz

Within and around you

Let these

Precious hues of color


Showing you

To the path of bliss

Surrender to the balm

Of this garden

Child, the seeker of a new dawn

Let the rays of warmth

Delve deep within your being


The lotus of beauty

That is about to

Awaken within you

Child, the seeker of a new dawn

The tapestry

You carry

Let it be

By the pool

Weave a new tapestry

Within this glorious garden

And let it be

Your new mantle

Let us move

With gentleness and ease

Through yoga


The mind, body and soul

Child, the seeker of a new dawn

Stay as long as you may

For the garden

Of beauty and light

You sought

Is within

Peace and healing

To you, child

The seeker of a new dawn

Aham Prema

Welcome, Namaste

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Deep within

Etched upon

The heart of her soul

Is your love letter

The sweet nectar

That calms and soothes

Like a balm

Tender and precious

Wisdom within your letter

Spoken like that of the sages

So loving

So full of warmth and hope

That sings

With soulful elation

To her

A sultry comfort

In the coldness

Tears that once wept

To nowhere

Now fall into the

Pool of healing

In moments

When the light fades

Just a bit

Deep within

Etched upon

The very heart

Of her soul

Is your letter

That she carries

Each and every moment

Because it is from you

And your letter still

Sings to her

Because although

You are lost

From her sight

You and your letter

Are her love and her light


awe, Believe, faith, Found love, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, love, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Roses


Within the rays

Of captivating radiant warmth

Shimmering wonder

Holding her close

Within your tender embrace

Releasing through tears

You held her close

Comforting words

Of echoing wisdom

Hope, love and faith

Cascading her

With your sweet love

Shimmering wonder

She stayed

As tears waned

Love’s rose held her tenderly

As she drifted into the healing

Of your

Illuminated wonder