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The realm

Of pathways

She meanders




Pristine and pure

In vivid hues

Adorn her vision

Surround her

Enchant her



Lost within the

Double vision

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I see you in the rising sun

I feel you within the rays

Of warmth and comfort

I hear you in the wind

Within the songs

Of the birds

I see you within the

Flowers abloom

Your fragrance divine

I see you within the laughter

I feel your beauties

Subtle and sweet

I hear your tenderness

Echoing within the words

Becoming still

And knowing that you are

I hear you in the music

Within the rhythms of life

Keeping those precious moments

For shelter

When life wanes

Casting thy spirit into distress

I feel you in the rising moon

Within the silver rays

I hear you within the

Slumber of night

Singing lullabies

Keeping vigil

And knowing

That within the

Rising sun, the moon and the stars

You are there

And all shall

Be well

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Gazing out

Upon the

Descending night

An orange moon

Glowing between

The trees

As it rises


Within the lore

Of the Celtic night

Soon the earth

Will become a pallet

Of rustic hues

Oranges, reds and yellows

Cold nights will become

Warmed by fire’s glow

Enchanting the charm

Of autumn’s cloak

Connections awaken

Within her being

As the path rises

Within the moon

The visionary

Of new beginnings

Sits silently

Upon the branch

Of a white birch

Watching and

Awaiting her birth

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On a placid afternoon

Under soft rays

In the quietude

Of the moment

At the pond

Where earth and sky

Meet within a double vision

She found you

So white and still

She touched you

Your petals

Soft as silk

She held you

Within her hand

With tenderness

As the birds sang softly

For the first time

What wonder beheld

The kindred teacher

Of thy soul’s awakening

Always within reach

But far

Within the gentle reverie

Of thy being

Shimmering in the light

Soft winds

Escaping within time and space

Meditative stillness

As the essence of sandalwood

Floated through thy being

With you by thy side

For in awe

We will be


Until the next wonder

A beacon

A Symbol

For thy journey

Just like you

faith, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Love and Light, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Paths, Philosophy, Poetry, Poets, Rebirth, Renewal, Wisdom, Words and Verses


There is a path

Meandering through the

Mountains, hills, valleys and meadows

Sketches of wonder

Nestled within the rays

Of colorful radiant hues

Nights that once were

Have now faded

Lagging behind

Without speed

For they no longer have meaning

There is a path

Called Devotion

The other side of the veil

That she must walk

Freely chosen by her

To find her way

There is a path

Meandering through

Mountains, hills, valleys and meadows

Lined with sketches of wonder

Illuminated by colorful rays

That she must walk

With peace and love



awe, Beauty, Believe, faith, Found love, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, love, Love and Light, Meditation, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Roses, Words and Verses


Saw a rose tree

Of soft velvety

Pink hues

And thought of you

Meandering down

Along cobblestone streets

Of Vienna

On a warm’s summer’s day

Watching horse drawn carriages

Pass by

Streets alive with music

Indulging in Eiskafees and strudel

Delights of time

Gazing upon

Habsburg Palace

And entering the iron gates

Of the Volksgarten

Admiring the fountains

And the aromas

Of sweet luscious roses

Abloom all around us

Stepping back in time

In love’s delight

Within the lover’s waltz

The waltzes of

Johann Strauss II

Reply amongst the roses

Shimmering through the canopy

Of the lover’s light

As if time

Had not passed

Saw a rose tree of tenderness

Dressed in

Velvety luscious pink hues

And thought of you

A lost love

No more

For you are nestled

Within thy heart and soul


Angels, Believe, faith, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Life's Lessons, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirit and Soul, Words and Verses



Within the rays

Of brilliancy

Upon turquoise waves

A cobalt bottle

Sealed with and cork and wax

Comes upon the shores

Of white sand

Nestled within

A quiet gentle cove

Within a note

Opening the seal

Sweet aromas

Of roses and frankincense


Within the scroll

Dear Angel,

Walking these lands

Of this rough and tumbled place

Give me strength and courage

Bequeath to thy being hope

To cope

Pray the gifts of

Joy, peace, happiness and love

Will descend upon thee

Don’t know where

I am going

Release my fears

Envelop thy being in your

Love’s radiance

The comfort of thy being

Let thy being

Rise above the curses

Of thy life

And awaken

To love’s light

Praying and hoping

To catch the wind

And soar into new adventures

Good and true

Shield thy being

With strength, courage and faith

For you, angel, are thy blessings

And thy faded glory

Longing to see thee

Your love and light

The tenderness of your voice

That touched thy being…..

Angel, my needs are tended to

But thy dreams and desires

Are untouched

Waiting for new beginnings

Darkness before the dawn

May the steps that I have taken

And are about to take

Pray they have and will not be in vain

Dear Angel,

Guide thy path

Shield thy being with your courage

Strength, faith, light, peace and hope

Although this path

Upon which thy feet touch must be alone

For you chose it

But is there

A star of gentle grace

And love like you

That thy being will encounter

Within the new dawn

To just be

In pure simplicity, laughter and serenity

With the rose

You left behind

Angel, are you there?