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Fall Leaves Pexels

Oh come ye fall

The spirit of thy birth

Oh come ye fall

Your refreshing restorative aromas await thee

Oh come ye fall

Paint your canvas

With rich warm spicey hues

So that

The mountains and the trees

May capture the rays of light

Reflecting their beauty

Upon the mirrors of blue

Twice the enchantment

Oh come ye fall

The crisp apples


And warm apple pie await to delight

Oh come ye fall

When the days are warm

And nights cold and crisp

To nestle within warm blankets

With and by loved ones

Oh come ye fall

By the crackling fires

As the harvest moon

Shines forth upon us

Oh come ye fall

As nature resounds

In the spectacle

Of warm spicy awe

Hawks, eagles, coyotes, wolves and deer

And the elusive twilighter

With its haunting hoot

Announcing the awakening

Of fall’s embrace

Oh come ye fall

The spirit of thy birth

Unfolding memories

When the child

Came alive

Escaping with excitement

Day and night

Within her precious sanctuary

Communing with you

In the wilderness of the northern mountains

Oh come ye fall

The spirit of thy birth

Come and let us

Play within

The awe

The transformation of you

Oh come ye fall

For you are upon

The spirit of thy birth!