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Autumn’s rain fell

Sitting nestled by the window

Beside a flickering flame

As autumn’s song


And the wind chimed in

Quietly waiting

Quietly embracing

Quietly refreshing

Quietly restoring

Stepping outside

The baptismal waters

Of autumn’s rain

Serenaded thy being

With its gentle touches

Change is coming

A new path

A new direction

A new awakening

A new beginning

Change, is the spice of life

Autumn’s rich warm spicy hues

Come forth

And begin prophesying

New adventures

New directions

New paths

And new beginnings…….

Astral Travel, awe, Believe, Cosmos, Divine mystery, India, Journey, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry


In the stillness

Of a mystical morn

Neither asleep nor awake

She found herself walking down

A dusty dirt road

Grass lands and water to her left

Women dressed in vibrant colorful

Hues dotted the landscape

Cattle and camels

Strolled by her

As did passersby

Never noticing her

She hears nothing

She only sees with acute vividness

She senses the sun’s heat along the dusty road

But does not feel it

A humble place before her

People entering and exiting

Men dressed in orange and saffron meander about

A tree decorated in regal homage

As a monk sits in quiet reverence

People pass by her

Never noticing

Do they not see her?

Entering this humble place

She walks to its center

In wonderment

She stood

Gazing upon Its ornate beauty

Candles flickered casting serene shadows

Incense rises and encompasses her

But she cannot smell its aroma

In the midst

She watches people admire its beauty

They mingle and pass by her

As if she were not there

She turned

Her head rose high


A golden Buddha sitting in lotus upon an altar

Candles flicker

As an array of color surrounds

In homage

Standing in the midst

Of this simplistic wonderment

Comforted her

How did she get here?

Why is she here?

Why do people never take notice of her presence?


A procession of monks dressed in orange and saffron

Entered the room

Walking silently in reflection

Their peace-filled auras consumed her

As the last monk passed by her,

He suddenly stopped

Turned towards her

He is young and slender with a serene face

His eyes widen

His mouth drops open with astonishment

Their eyes lock

She is mystified

He sees her!

He slowly turned around

And followed his brothers out of the temple

As she watched


With a tremendous jolt

She leapt up

Released from neither sleep or awake

Finding herself

In her bed

And not walking through the lands of India

How could this be?………


Autumn, awe, Cosmos, Divine mystery, Medicine Wisdom, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Northern Lights, Poetry, Voice of nature


Nestled within her

Magical mountains

Of wonderment

And dreams

On a crisp evening

Under the indigo sky

The child of autumn

Gazes out the window

And catches a glimpse

Of awe

Stepping outside

The child of autumn

Tickled with joy

As rainbow lights

Waltz in unison

Within the harmony of the night


The child of autumn

Steps into the center

Of the escapade

Dazzling and enchanting her

Time lapsing into nothingness

Nestled within her mountains

Of magical wonderment

The dancing lights


To the child of autumn

And was forever etched

Within the book

Of her heart