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Step into the magic

Where lights


Where music enchants

Soft and gentle

Where aromas whisper

All about

Nestled safe and sound

Amongst blankets and pillows

Comfort and warmth

Embraced by love

Step into the magic

Let all cares

Float and drift away

With bliss filled melodies

Whilst embraced by love

Step into the magic

And believe

Because love

Always finds

A way to gift

Its rays

Of warmth and tenderness

Especially when

Needed most

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Nestled in comfort

Gazing out

Low at midnight

The moon

Now gone dark

In these passing

Sultry breezeless nights

Oh where have you gone?

Enchanted one

Whose glow

Radiates within the midnight sky

Embracing beams

Filtering through

Panes of glass

Will you come back?

And comfort thee

When the air is crisp


Abundant with earthy hues

That paints the canvas of life

With warm spicy serenity

Where are you?

Enchanted one

Mysterious one

Will you return?

When the crackling fires

Awaken the evenings

And the meditative dances

Of the flames

Where are you?

For I miss your beams

Of radiance

That holds one

Within night’s slumber

I will wait for

The return of you

And the pleasantness

Of your glow

Suspended in the midnight’s sky

For without you

The nights

Are lonely and dark

Oh where have you gone?

Enchanted one

Mysterious one

comfort, Crackling Fire, Dreams, Fireside, Inspiration, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Poetry, Poets, Reverie, Winter, Words and Verses, Writing



Nestled within the window seat

Sipping warm lemon ginger tea

The night is still


No stars

No comforting moon

Listening to

The crackling fire

As I move from


To smooth jazz

To rhythm and blues

And back again

Trying to find the mood

On this chilly eve

Nestled within my favorite

Fleece blanket

So warm and cozy

Dancing between


To jazz

And the intoxicating sax

To rhythm and blues

To country

And back again

Watching the

Crackling fire

Feeling its warmth

As it turns

From shade to shade

Red, yellow, orange and white

A mesmerizing mingling

With the jazz’s sax

And a warm

Cup of tea


Cozy and warm

Lounging in the window seat

Surrounded by pillows

Of colorful hues


This poem,

Where does it end?

I have no idea

My friend

awe, Believe, comfort, Dreams, faith, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Love and Light, Lover, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Poetry, Poets, Renewal, Words and Verses



I see you in the rising sun

I feel you within the rays

Of warmth and comfort

I hear you in the wind

Within the songs

Of the birds

I see you within the

Flowers abloom

Your fragrance divine

I see you within the laughter

I feel your beauties

Subtle and sweet

I hear your tenderness

Echoing within the words

Becoming still

And knowing that you are

I hear you in the music

Within the rhythms of life

Keeping those precious moments

For shelter

When life wanes

Casting thy spirit into distress

I feel you in the rising moon

Within the silver rays

I hear you within the

Slumber of night

Singing lullabies

Keeping vigil

And knowing

That within the

Rising sun, the moon and the stars

You are there

And all shall

Be well

awe, Beauty, Believe, comfort, Divine mystery, faith, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Love and Light, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Nature, Peace, Philosophy, Poetry, Wisdom, Words and Verses


A place of serenity

Where earth, fire, air and water

Become woven within the fabric

Of thy being

Echoes of the free spirit

Where the sun’s radiance

Touches deep within the crevices

Of thy being

Illuminating and magnifying to the core

Each and every moment

Where you may

Wander and be humbled

By grace

Where the pallet

Of vivid pristine colors

Paint your being

With love

Where the moon

The stars

Sparkle within your being

Each moment

Where the rising dawn

Awakens and touches

Your being deep within

Where the eternal light

Of love and warmth


With peace and harmony

Flowing with reverent delight

And into the being

Of the free spirit


Cats, comfort, hope, Joy, Love and Light, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Peace, Poetry




In times of loneliness

She comes to mind

Her warmth

Her silliness

Upon her pink rug

Full of catnip

And toys askew

Her companionship

Her coat of silky black

In times of loneliness

She comes to mind

Her conversations

And then walking away

In times of loneliness

She comes to mind

Her comfort

Her love

Her protectiveness

In times of despair and sorrow

Brought joy and peace

In times of loneliness

She comes to mind


Her presence is no longer

She still inspires and gifts

From afar

Where the light shines



And comfort

Every time she comes to mind

In times of loneliness

Gertie illuminates

The loneliness

Turning it into

Peace and comfort

Within forevermore