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In the stillness

Of a mystical morn

Neither asleep nor awake

She found herself walking down

A dusty dirt road

Grass lands and water to her left

Women dressed in vibrant colorful

Hues dotted the landscape

Cattle and camels

Strolled by her

As did passersby

Never noticing her

She hears nothing

She only sees with acute vividness

She senses the sun’s heat along the dusty road

But does not feel it

A humble place before her

People entering and exiting

Men dressed in orange and saffron meander about

A tree decorated in regal homage

As a monk sits in quiet reverence

People pass by her

Never noticing

Do they not see her?

Entering this humble place

She walks to its center

In wonderment

She stood

Gazing upon Its ornate beauty

Candles flickered casting serene shadows

Incense rises and encompasses her

But she cannot smell its aroma

In the midst

She watches people admire its beauty

They mingle and pass by her

As if she were not there

She turned

Her head rose high


A golden Buddha sitting in lotus upon an altar

Candles flicker

As an array of color surrounds

In homage

Standing in the midst

Of this simplistic wonderment

Comforted her

How did she get here?

Why is she here?

Why do people never take notice of her presence?


A procession of monks dressed in orange and saffron

Entered the room

Walking silently in reflection

Their peace-filled auras consumed her

As the last monk passed by her,

He suddenly stopped

Turned towards her

He is young and slender with a serene face

His eyes widen

His mouth drops open with astonishment

Their eyes lock

She is mystified

He sees her!

He slowly turned around

And followed his brothers out of the temple

As she watched


With a tremendous jolt

She leapt up

Released from neither sleep or awake

Finding herself

In her bed

And not walking through the lands of India

How could this be?………


Believe, faith, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Joy, love, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Peace, Poetry, Renewal, Romance, Spirit and Soul


Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

See how the light

Plays upon the mountain peaks

How the eagles and hawks


Greeting the rising sun

If you listen closely

You will hear their wings

Echoing in the wind

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

By the crackling fire

So serene are the lakes

Against the mountains

Listen, the wolves are calling

Let us dance within

The luminescent rays

Of the moon

In the morning,

You will see trees dressed

In earthy hues

We can dance in the sun’s rays too

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

See the pallet of hues

Displayed before us

The water lilies

The roses

The butterflies

See the pathways of stone

And how they give way

To ornate fountains

And statues of pristine white

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

And behold

The turquoise sea

Shimmering within the rays

Listen to the wave’s gentle tune

So relaxing

Is it not?

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

Overlooking the mighty canyon

Within the setting sun

See how the walls

As I play my flute for you

Become wondrous hues of color

Reds, oranges, and purple

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

Listen to the symphony

All around you

Let the music

Become a part of you

Come, sit beside me

By the smoldering

Incense of love

And just be

Because where you are

I am with you

Come, sit beside me

Nestle within my arms

For together

We are love

And so

Shall we remain

Believe, Dreams, Guitar, Healing, hope, Inspiration, love, Love and Light, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Roses, Spirit and Soul



Here by

The crackling fire

Warming thy being

Strumming the guitar

Feeling the chords

Revealing words

Composing into song

Thoughts of you

Reflections of emotions

Coming through the chords

Echoing your charms

Like a lullaby

Your light

And your love


Everything you touched

With grace

Here by

The crackling fire

As embers rise and dance

Then disappear

Your content and humble spirit

Quieted the thunder

Of a restless soul

And softened the fire

Within thy being

As the moon’s tranquil rays

Release enchantment

Into the night

Feeling the chords

Of emotion well up within

Revealing words

Composing into song

Thinking of you

And where you have gone

Wondering if this song

If ever written

Will capture the

Essence of your charms

To return

For you, are the rose

Nestled within thy heart

And thy night’s companion

Through these chords of love and desire

Under the moon’s rays

Nestled by the warm

Brilliant crackling fire

Is the only remembrance

Of you, my sweet rose


Believe, dance, Dreams, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Memories awakened, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Romance, Spirit and Soul


Falling into the arms

Of you

Entranced by your words

That flow from

The crystal fountain

And onto the pages

Your charms

Your voice

Renders the creative muses

To dance

To sing

To soar


Capturing moments

Into words

Creating picturesque elegance

As she gets lost within you

Losing moments within time

As the words echo

And come forth

Fast and furious

As the pen moves


Enjoyment within the composing

Singing and dancing

With the words of her muses and with you

Behold creative wonderment

She falls into the arms of you

Entranced by your words

With joyful elated freedom

When she does not try

The wonderment of expression

Dances within her

Words spoken by the muses

Come forth to her

And flow into her hands

Like a blossoming flower

Upon the pages

And all she has to do

Is to fall into

The arms of you

And let your bliss-filled voice

That is like no other

Cascade within her

And to just be

With the love

She knows and



Angels, awe, Believe, faith, gratitude, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Philosophy, Poetry


Guardian angels

Heavenly Ancestors

Of love and light

Sometimes unseen

But are always watching

Walking beside us

With silent footsteps

Radiating love

Healing and peace

Guardian angels


Come to lend a helping hand

To comfort us

With words of love and wisdom

Or holding us in tender embraces

Guardian angels

Help to guide the way

When darkness descends

To weary and tired souls

Who are burdened with despair

Loss of hope

Guardian angels

With unconditional love

Bring healing and peace

Guardian angels

Also include our four legged companions

Who protect us

Play with us

Comfort us

And love us

In return

We become their guardian angels

So you see,

We are all guardian angels


Upon the path of life

Helping to keep

The river of light and love flowing

Unencumbered and free

To render peace, compassion, kindness and healing

Each and every moment

Because in the end

When everything else fades into the mist


Pure, simple and true


And that is

The hardest of them all

To see, to give and to understand

Upon the journey of life

Guardian angels


As remembrances of

And to show us

The way….

Aham Prema, Believe, Divine mystery, faith, Found love, Garden, Healing, India, Inspiration, Journey, love, Mantras, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Peace, Philosophy, Poetry, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal



Into the garden

Leave your bundles

Of life that you carry

Within the gates

For they no longer serve


Tea of honey, cinnamon and ginger

Await thee


Sit and abide with me

The gentle whispers of


Like lovely arias

Tenderly touch

The heart and soul

Let them rise

For they bring healing

And peace within

To you, child

The seeker of a new dawn


Sit and abide with me

Listen to the

Cascading waters of turquoise

Let the cascades

Soothe the weariness

You entered with

Notice the aromas

Let them tickle

Your senses

Gifting you joy

Enchanting isn’t it?

Notice the hues

Of color displayed

Before you

The flowers and the herbs

Of healing

Their colors

Reminiscent of

The spinning wheels of energy

That flow

That waltz

Within and around you

Let these

Precious hues of color


Showing you

To the path of bliss

Surrender to the balm

Of this garden

Child, the seeker of a new dawn

Let the rays of warmth

Delve deep within your being


The lotus of beauty

That is about to

Awaken within you

Child, the seeker of a new dawn

The tapestry

You carry

Let it be

By the pool

Weave a new tapestry

Within this glorious garden

And let it be

Your new mantle

Let us move

With gentleness and ease

Through yoga


The mind, body and soul

Child, the seeker of a new dawn

Stay as long as you may

For the garden

Of beauty and light

You sought

Is within

Peace and healing

To you, child

The seeker of a new dawn

Aham Prema

Welcome, Namaste

Believe, Healing, hope, Inspiration, love, Mind, body and spirit, Poetry


When the arrows

Of life become

Difficult and tiresome

And negativity looms

I am here

For you, my love

Lean on me

I am your beacon of light

I am your love

I am here

For you, my love

I will shield you

From the arrows

For they no longer serve

But deliver angst

Find the love

That guides you

Lean on me

I am here

For you, my love

For that is why

We are together

You and me

To walk together

Without loneliness

To learn

To grow and blossom

To be a light

In spaces where

The light fades


We are strength

We are hope


We are joy

We are love

And that is why

I am here

For you, my love



We must walk

In step

In harmony

In peace

In balance

In clarity

And to be

Within the love

That guides us


As you once said

Love is the way; love is the key


We are love

And what we are destined to be

I am here

For you,

My love