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Sitting upon

A hill

Watching the ocean

Move in rhythmic time


Its green blue hues


The sun’s warmth


By passing briny breezes

Verdant hues shade

Gulls flying

Carrying on vocally

Boats rocking

Sailboats gliding

Sandbars rise

Scattered with gulls

Gazing upon the open sea

From a bench upon a hill

No one around

Silent and still

In the company of nature

Moths and monarchs flutter by

Breezes from the shore

Now I am cold

No matter

The sun warms

My paper

Ripples in the wind

As thy pen moves

Upon its path

In unison

With what thine eyes see

With the sensations

With the sounds

The rustling wind

And the faint lapping of waves

Within this harmonious ambiance

By the sea

Upon the hill

Nestled within the verdant hues

As the rays of warmth


As the monarchs delight

As the song birds and gulls join in

A silhouette of a large bird

Appears on the grass in front of thee

Vanished towards the sea

Heron perhaps

Rocks askew

Upon the beach

Tree limb rests

Dried and bleached

By sun and sea

Trees swaying ever so gently

As waves roll in and out

In meditative serenity


To be

By the sea

Drifting and fleeing

Into bliss

Beauty, Healing, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Medicine Wisdom, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Peace, Poetry, Poets, Regeneration, Renewal, Reverie, Spirit and Soul, Voice of nature, Water Lillies, Words and Verses, Writing


Today is the day

Nestled within a park

So brilliant

And serene

Sultry days

Have passed

Monarchs flutter about

The cat of nine-tails


The lily pads

And water lilies

Wave hello

So I sit beside them

The water shivers

In the breeze

As it moves in unison

With the current

Dogs playful and joyful

Greeting passersby

The sun

Warm and bright

Passing by meadows

Show casing an array of colors

Pleasant to the eyes


Lush and cool

Hair blowing

Free and untamed

Welcome relief


And uplifting

Today is the day

I did not go to the sea

I nestled here

Within the verdant hues

With the water lilies

With the dancing grasses

With the colorful wild flowered meadow

With the water

Admiring the birds






Today is the day

That the richness

Of the woodlands

Showered upon thee



Peace and joy

So why

Would I leave?

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Nestled in comfort

Gazing out

Low at midnight

The moon

Now gone dark

In these passing

Sultry breezeless nights

Oh where have you gone?

Enchanted one

Whose glow

Radiates within the midnight sky

Embracing beams

Filtering through

Panes of glass

Will you come back?

And comfort thee

When the air is crisp


Abundant with earthy hues

That paints the canvas of life

With warm spicy serenity

Where are you?

Enchanted one

Mysterious one

Will you return?

When the crackling fires

Awaken the evenings

And the meditative dances

Of the flames

Where are you?

For I miss your beams

Of radiance

That holds one

Within night’s slumber

I will wait for

The return of you

And the pleasantness

Of your glow

Suspended in the midnight’s sky

For without you

The nights

Are lonely and dark

Oh where have you gone?

Enchanted one

Mysterious one

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Passing of winter

Into the spring

Where I loved to sit

Content with thee

The love of thy being

Thy life’s foundation

Where I loved to sit

Fragrant with roses

Pungent lilies

Dancing in love

With thee

As the birds

Joyfully sang

Lovely with glee

In dawn’s light

And throughout

Shimmering rays of light

Warmth and joy

Arrive with thee

Stay with thee

Dancing in the love

With thee

The peace

That overtakes

Thy being

Lifting away

The cares

The aches

The pains

The worries

The frustrations

The angsts

That is life’s lot

Those are fleeting moments

That eventually ceases to be

For the winters of thy being

Shall pass always

Into spring’s eternal gaiety

Where thy being

Loves to sit

Content with thee

The love of thy being

Of thy life

And there shall be

None other


It is better to sit with thee

And watch the winters

Pass into spring with thee

Whilst resting in

Peace and love

With thee

Beauty, Healing, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Love and Light, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Peace, Poetry, Poets, Renewal, Reverie, Romance, Roses, Words and Verses, Writing



Sitting within

The rays of warmth

And light

Sipping on

Morning’s brew

With a touch of

Vanilla chai ice cream

Sprinkled with cinnamon

Listening to the choir

From little ones nestled

Within the trees

Blessings and grace

Within the breezes

Sweet aromas

Tickle thy being

Auras of love


Rendering joy

From where though?

In this quaint

Place of respite



With the sun

Wind at thy back

Morning brew in hand


They are!


Pure white roses

And pretty pink wild roses

Lovely combination

Of sweetness

Love and romance

All in one

awe, Beauty, Believe, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, Poetry, Poets, Regeneration, Renewal, Reverie, Robins, Voice of nature, Words and Verses, Writing



Sitting under

An old oak

On the cusp of summer

Wispy clouds

Against the pale blue sky

Refreshed by breezes

Delightful birds


Trees dance

With each caress of the wind

Verdant hues

Upon the steps

Of an old house


Preserved in trust

Over looking

The pond

In motion

Under the sparkling sun

A robin

Hopping along the grass

Displaying his rustic orange

Oh! Now a family

Tenderly sweet

Roosters resound

Lazy day

Within summer’s dawn

Seeking inspiration



In the quietude

Of the wind

Nestled in my beloved

Nature’s embrace

Pages blowing

As the verses

Spill from

Thy hands

Challenge, yes

Distraction, no

It is my wonderland

Peaceful serenity

Where the heart can sing

The poet’s reverie

A robin stopped by

Mesmerized in quiet awe

By the one sipping

An iced chai latte

Upon the steps

Under an old oak

Looking for inspiration

Oh, look!

A baby squirrel

Sitting tall

In the grass


So within

The symbolism of the robin

I found it

For it is time

To sing

Your own song

And begin a new chapter

With grace, tenacity

And perseverance

Ride with the winds

Of your passion, girl!

Beauty, Healing, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Nature, New Dawn; New Day, Poetry, Poets, Rays of light, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Seasons of Change, Spirit and Soul, Springtime, Voice of nature, Words and Verses, Writing



Sprang forth


In the morn

Splashes of color

Verdant hues



Delight with

Hymns of spring

The passing of winter’s domain

Blossoming with wonder

Within the rays

Of softness and warmth


Came upon


Dancing like a child

In the awakening

Of colorful hues

Sweet aromas

Passing by

In the wind


The joys of the heart

When all is abloom

How sweet it is!