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Nestled within her

Magical mountains

Of wonderment

And dreams

On a crisp evening

Under the indigo sky

The child of autumn

Gazes out the window

And catches a glimpse

Of awe

Stepping outside

The child of autumn

Tickled with joy

As rainbow lights

Waltz in unison

Within the harmony of the night


The child of autumn

Steps into the center

Of the escapade

Dazzling and enchanting her

Time lapsing into nothingness

Nestled within her mountains

Of magical wonderment

The dancing lights


To the child of autumn

And was forever etched

Within the book

Of her heart

Astral Travel, Autumn, Divine mystery, Nature, Peace, Poetry, Renewal


Through the panes

Of days past

A vision embraced by the sun

Beheld me in its midst

Soothed by a resounding waterfall

Within my being

Golden leaves began to fall

Above me

Before me

Behind me

To my right

To my left

All around

Sparkling ever so brightly


How could this be?

So splendid indeed

Now looking out through the panes

Of days past

Sunlight touches the trees of

Earthly hues with beauty

But it is

In the midst of the falling golden leaves

So splendid indeed

That shall always be

A moment of awe.

Autumn, Body, Inspiration, Mind, Nature, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Renewal, Spirit and Soul

Autumn’s Child

Mild days and cold nights

Had turned the trees

Into a warm pallet of earthy hues

Unto which she, autumn’s child, was born

Breathing in the sweet mountain air

Meandering through meadows, fields,

Woodlands, hills and mountains

Playing and swimming in sunlit, moonlit lakes

Watching foxes, deer and moose drink from a nearby stream

Strolling along serene dirt roads whilst being serenaded by birds

Climbing Mount Rattlesnake

Stopping to silently watch a mother and her fawn

Nestled in the trees

Embraced by the sun’s rays

Playing, swimming and gathering stones by the river

Tasting the pure refreshing mountain water of Cold River

Stepping outside into the night whilst rainbow lights

Twirled and waltzed in unison around her

Season after season

Magical and mystical

Spiritual and tranquil

Peaceful and loving

Teacher and healer

Wonder after wonder

Beauty unsurpassed

Autumn’s child has spoken.