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Nestled beside

Your tenderness

Thy heart sings

With joy

In the reverie

Of your company

Your light

Your warmth


Sharing your wisdom

As the words and verses

Fall into love

With you

Something she missed

But found

Recaptured with delight

Your inspiration

Keeps her going

Fulfilling and reaching

For her dreams

With the magic of belief

Nestled beside

Your tenderness

Thy hearts sings

With joy

With laughter

For you are

Her guiding light

Angels, awe, Believe, Inspiration, Journey, Joy, Love and Light, Love, Faith and Hope, Mind, body and spirit, Peace, Poetry, Rebirth, Regeneration, Renewal, Roses, Seasons of Change, Words and Verses


Enchanted nights awaken

The moon illuminates

Windows dressed in colorful hues

Glittering hallows of light

Adorn tender skies

From the town

Below the hill

Enchanted nights begin





Glide like

Rose petals

In the gentle breeze

Touching hearts

Blossoming into roses

Of love, joy


Enchanted nights


Lights of wonder


Twinkle with delight

For the night

The day

Is near

When the

Petals of love

Take flight

Angels, Beauty, Believe, Found love, Joy, Love and Light, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Peace, Poetry, Poets, Roses, Words and Verses



Of silver rays

Moon’s dawn

Nestled within

A magnificent orb

Of iridescent pink

Suspended gracefully

Expanding like

Angel’s wings

Silver rays

Sparkles of joy

Tease thy being

Gazing humbly

Upon the orb

Peace overcomes

Turning into elation

Turning into bliss

As a rose

Blossoms within

The orb

Held love

Within the palms

Of thy hands

Angels, Believe, faith, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Life's Lessons, Meditation, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirit and Soul, Words and Verses



Within the rays

Of brilliancy

Upon turquoise waves

A cobalt bottle

Sealed with and cork and wax

Comes upon the shores

Of white sand

Nestled within

A quiet gentle cove

Within a note

Opening the seal

Sweet aromas

Of roses and frankincense


Within the scroll

Dear Angel,

Walking these lands

Of this rough and tumbled place

Give me strength and courage

Bequeath to thy being hope

To cope

Pray the gifts of

Joy, peace, happiness and love

Will descend upon thee

Don’t know where

I am going

Release my fears

Envelop thy being in your

Love’s radiance

The comfort of thy being

Let thy being

Rise above the curses

Of thy life

And awaken

To love’s light

Praying and hoping

To catch the wind

And soar into new adventures

Good and true

Shield thy being

With strength, courage and faith

For you, angel, are thy blessings

And thy faded glory

Longing to see thee

Your love and light

The tenderness of your voice

That touched thy being…..

Angel, my needs are tended to

But thy dreams and desires

Are untouched

Waiting for new beginnings

Darkness before the dawn

May the steps that I have taken

And are about to take

Pray they have and will not be in vain

Dear Angel,

Guide thy path

Shield thy being with your courage

Strength, faith, light, peace and hope

Although this path

Upon which thy feet touch must be alone

For you chose it

But is there

A star of gentle grace

And love like you

That thy being will encounter

Within the new dawn

To just be

In pure simplicity, laughter and serenity

With the rose

You left behind

Angel, are you there?

Angels, awe, Believe, faith, gratitude, Healing, hope, Inspiration, Journey, Love and Light, Mind, body and spirit, Mystery, Philosophy, Poetry


Guardian angels

Heavenly Ancestors

Of love and light

Sometimes unseen

But are always watching

Walking beside us

With silent footsteps

Radiating love

Healing and peace

Guardian angels


Come to lend a helping hand

To comfort us

With words of love and wisdom

Or holding us in tender embraces

Guardian angels

Help to guide the way

When darkness descends

To weary and tired souls

Who are burdened with despair

Loss of hope

Guardian angels

With unconditional love

Bring healing and peace

Guardian angels

Also include our four legged companions

Who protect us

Play with us

Comfort us

And love us

In return

We become their guardian angels

So you see,

We are all guardian angels


Upon the path of life

Helping to keep

The river of light and love flowing

Unencumbered and free

To render peace, compassion, kindness and healing

Each and every moment

Because in the end

When everything else fades into the mist


Pure, simple and true


And that is

The hardest of them all

To see, to give and to understand

Upon the journey of life

Guardian angels


As remembrances of

And to show us

The way….