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Sitting outside

Thoughts of you

Who nurtured

The little girl

With your quiet wisdom


And gentle spirit

Watching cartoons with her

Showing her how to pick strawberries

Harvesting corn

Carving pumpkins together

Picking checkerberries

Finding Christmas trees in the woods

Rides in the truck

Going to the corner store on Sundays

How to appreciate nature

Walking in the woods

With a most beloved dog

Showing her how to skip rocks

How to walk on the rocks

By the seashore

Appreciating the value of books

And reading

Sharing stories

of his adventures

With the little girl

That inspired

Her creative ambitions

Sharing his affinity for cats

And so much more

When the time came

The young girl

Had grown

It was time to give back

To him

For all the memories

And the gentle love

He gave to her

Every time she

Rests in nature

Takes walks or

Sits by seashore

I know

He is there beside me

Along with Dino

For he

Is my Beloved grandfather


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