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Fresh baked toll house cookies

When she came home from school

Swedish Orange braids

Apple pies

Pumpkin chiffon pies

Swedish meatballs



Of the warmth

Hearth and home

She provided

To a young girl

Whom she nurtured

With love, guidance, kindness

And so much more

The little girl loved her

Because she

Offered inspiration

Support to go after her dreams

To be her own person

She shared with the little girl

Her love for classical music


And the importance of a strong faith

She was always there

For the little girl

And when the time came

The little girl

Then a woman

Was there for her

Because it was time

For the young woman

To give back

The love she had received

And when the mood

To bake touches

I know

She is around

And always will be

For she is

My beloved grandmother


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