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Saw a rose tree

Of soft velvety

Pink hues

And thought of you

Meandering down

Along cobblestone streets

Of Vienna

On a warm’s summer’s day

Watching horse drawn carriages

Pass by

Streets alive with music

Indulging in Eiskafees and strudel

Delights of time

Gazing upon

Habsburg Palace

And entering the iron gates

Of the Volksgarten

Admiring the fountains

And the aromas

Of sweet luscious roses

Abloom all around us

Stepping back in time

In love’s delight

Within the lover’s waltz

The waltzes of

Johann Strauss II

Reply amongst the roses

Shimmering through the canopy

Of the lover’s light

As if time

Had not passed

Saw a rose tree of tenderness

Dressed in

Velvety luscious pink hues

And thought of you

A lost love

No more

For you are nestled

Within thy heart and soul



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